We like shiny stuff!

We like shiny stuff, especially when it's bare metal and I know it's something we share with a whole heap of you reading this article.  

Our main reason for looking into making our Metal Polish was for the hundreds of magnesium and alloy wheels that are fitted to most of our older race/sports cars. We used to find that any polish we used would be hard work and gave us a very average result. To make it worse, a week later we would be infuriated to see the shine slowly deteriorate. This is why we set to work on our own custom metal polish. The first formula took around a year of playing with many different abrasives and cleaning compounds, till we finally came up with the base to what we have now. 

Our custom polish

Our Metal Polish brings up a brilliant, mirror shine to all dull, tarnished, polishable metals. It's incredibly easy to use and has a shine that will last for months, not weeks! This long term shine is due to the unique protective qualities we have built into the formulation; something all others deliberately fall very short on (so you use more of their product). The metals we find it really excels on are alloy, magnesium and stainless steel. When used with our technique it's also chrome safe as well. The amount of positive feedback we are getting from people with bikes, trucks and boats is pretty cool; all loving how easy it is to use, and the longevity of the shine. Another bonus is we make it a concentrate, so you don't have to use much product to get a great result.     

2017 Formula Updates

We have recently further upgraded the Metal Polish formula, which can be found with the new "Tru Blu" formula that uses new cleaning lubricants and even more advanced fine abrasives to bring up a shine like nothing else we have ever seen. Let me put it out there; after using everything else, we honestly do not know of a better metal polish in the world.