We like shiny things!

We like shiny things, especially when it's bare polishable metal and I know it's something we share with a whole heap of you reading this article.  

Our main reason for looking into making our two metal polishes was for the hundreds of alloy and magnesium wheels that are fitted to most of our older race/sports cars. It has taken nearly two decades of testing and development to get to where we are now with the two Aussie made custom metal polishes, that we find fill our different needs over a variety of polishing jobs and metals we have on our cars. One is a fine grade paste for softer alloys, metals and chrome and the other is a medium grade liquid polish when you need a little bit more polishing oomph.


Shiny Stuff - fine grade polish

For softer metals like aluminium and brass, or to give that final shine to harder metals, use our Shiny Stuff polishing paste. Shiny Stuff is a super-fine metal polishing paste that has been formulated for more delicate chrome, alloy, billet wheels, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, brass and other polishable metals. It quickly cleans off light oxidation, rust stains, water spots, light chrome pitting and built up haze. Shiny Stuff also contains a sealant, which seals and protects the polished area, so the shine lasts longer.  

  • Easy work to get a mirror shine by hand, or machine using our Blue Balls or Quick Cone.
  • Formulated specifically for more delicate surfaces like chrome, alloy, glass, brass and other polishable metals.
  • Quickly cleans off light oxidation and light chrome pitting.
  • Seals and protects the polished areas, so the shine lasts longer.


Metal Polish - medium grade polish

Our Metal Polish brings up a brilliant, mirror shine to all dull, tarnished, polishable metals. It's incredibly easy to use and has a shine that will last for months, not weeks! This long term shine is due to the unique protective qualities we have built into the formulation; something all others deliberately fall very short on (so you use more of their product). The metals we find it really excels on are alloy, magnesium and stainless steel. The amount of positive feedback we are getting from people with bikes, trucks and boats is pretty cool; all loving how easy it is to use, and the longevity of the shine. Another bonus is we make it pretty concentrated, so you don't have to use much product to get a great result.

  • Fast-acting liquid polish to restore shine to dull metal.
  • Use by hand or machine with our Blue Balls and Quick Cone polishing tools.
  • Ideal for alloy, stainless steel, billet and harder metals.
  • Seals and protects the polished area.
  • Residue washes off with just water. Yep, thats right! 


For more information on using Metal Polish and Shiny Stuff with polishing tools like our Quick Cone or Blue Balls, have a look at our guide linked below.