A short product history

We first made this detailing spray formula way back in 2002, it was a slightly different version to what we have now and had another name back then too - Auto Body Detail, which was later shortened to Body Detail. It was always super hassle free to use, cleaned well, was lubricating, had a little bit of protection back then and we used it on all our cars happily. We are always creating and evolving our car care, so when we created the more protective Fully Slick and Boss Gloss sprays we saw a need to change the orginal formula slightly. We did this over removing it from our car care family, as it had unique attributes that the two others could not. 

Basically we honed its formula right in and first removed its protection attributes, as the two new sprays were a lot better for this and from there we really focused in on its cleaning power. It also got a brand new name - Clean Detail.