Our Unique Formula

Our chemists really did a great job with this one for us. Here's some of the best attributes that we love: 

  • Awesome cleaning power and a low vapour point: This combination is what makes this product so great. Our other detailing sprays have no cleaning power, and the products we have for deeper cleaning, like Orange Agent or Sublime Clean, need to be rinsed away with water as they have a more detergent based cleaning base and don't evaporate away cleanly. As Clean Detail cleans and evaporates away so well, it's perfect for fast cleaning of engine bays, door jambs, chrome, intricate grills and many other places that traditionally attract grime to them. 
  • Matte finish friendly: Although it leaves a nice natural shine, it does not have any over the top ingredients for adding extra depth to paint, like our wax and other sprays have. This makes it ideal for all matte finishes and matte vinyl wraps on your car and bike. We've always used it on our muscle cars bonnets with their satin to matte finish looking exactly like they should. 
  • Anti-static and silicone free: So the dust doesn't become attracted and bond onto the surfaces you've just cleaned. For this reason alone it's now very popular with people who love riding bikes, as they get way less dust while out on their weekend rides. It's also popular with courier companies who use it on the back windows of their vans to stay cleaner, longer. Big screen TV owners too are fans, as you don't get that static dust build up on the screen any longer - we find it very cool to use before the Bathurst race each year.
  • Safely removes recent water spotting, fresh tree sap and bird/bat droppings: We keep a little Mini Me bottle in our road cars for these three things, that all need to be removed ASAP after occuring. The quicker you can remove them, the lesser the chance you have of them etching into and damaging your paint. With bird and bat droppings, its deeper cleaning action gets into the dry remains, with ample lubrication making them safer and easier to remove. 
  • Not damaging to plastics: Use it on any hard surface, even clear perspex with no fear; it cleans them all!