Caring for your cars rubber seals

Why you need to care for the rubbers

If you love your car, you'll be wanting to care for the rubber seals around the doors, boot, windows, bonnet and sunroof. It's an easy and important part of the car to look after, as if you don’t they can become brittle and slowly fall apart. Then you’ll be dealing with annoying issues like wind noise & water leaking into the car, which leads to both mouldy smells as well as inviting in every cars worst enemy - rust.

Products made for the job

Our Vinyl Revival exterior trim protectant has been formulated to be ideal for looking after these soft rubber seals, as it is free of both silicone and any potentially damaging petroleum solvents. As well as keeping the rubbers feeling like new, it also has good UV protection and restores a natural new look to the rubbers as well.

The whole idea of looking after your door rubbers is to use products that will keep them soft and pliable, so once or twice a year (for cars that live outside a garage) follow these simple steps with a couple of our products to keep them like new and working their very best. 

A good clean first

Before applying the Vinyl Revival, it’s important to give the rubber a good clean. Use either our Orange Agent, or Sublime Clean for this job. Both are pH balanced and ideal for safe cleaning. Spray into a Square Bear applicator and gently apply to the rubbers to clean them right down. Then, while the product is still wet, wipe the rubbers down with a clean Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth.

Now add some protection

Now for the last step, we add some protection to the now clean rubbers. Spray the Vinyl Revival onto a clean Square Bear applicator and apply it to the surface. Rub back and forth in a gentle motion, then while still wet, remove it from the rubber with a clean Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth.

Vinyl Revival takes 3 to 4 hours to cure, so don’t let it get wet in this time frame.

Clean off any excess product from any areas it might have gotten onto with the Dirty Deeds as well. If it’s outside the inner door jambs or boot and bonnet areas, for exterior glass use Naked Glass, for your paint you can use our Boss Gloss detailing spray. 

The Square Bear applicator and Dirty Deeds cloth can be washed together in the machine with warm water with our Microfibre Wash.

Any questions?

Your rubbers will now both look better, as well as be protected and be keep working their best for some time to come. 

If you have any questions about looking after your rubbers, or any other car care related questions, please feel free to email our team or call us on 1800 351 308

Love your car,

Dan Bowden