With Boss Gloss method (indoors)

This method is how you would traditionally use a Clay Bar with the detailing spray as the lubricant. It can take a little bit extra time as you need to buff each area as you go, but it will suit a lot of people who prefer using the product this way. 

Step 1:

Make sure the car is totally clean, whether you wash and dry the car or wipe it down safely beforehand. Also make sure the car is in the shade and the paint is cool to touch.

Step 2:

Work on one panel, or half a panel at a time. Spray Boss Gloss liberally onto the surface and also add a few sprays into the Claying Rubber. GENTLY apply to the surface in straight lines; up and down, then side to side. Never use it on any area that is dry, always keep the section you're working on well lubricated.

Step 3:

You will feel the Claying Rubber working as the surface turns from rough to smooth. Once the surface is completely smooth, wipe the section down with a clean and dry Drop Bear or Big Softie cloth. Repeat this process until the entire car is done.

Step 4:

For the best possible finish, follow this up with our Paint Cleanse & Restore and then seal it to increase the shine with our other waxes and spray sealants.

You may notice that the rubber surface will feel slightly more tacky after use, this is normal and part of the trick of how this rubber works. When new it has a powder on the surface to stop it sticking to the packaging, with this gone the now sticky surface can easily grab onto the bonded contaminants and be more effective at safely removing them from the surface.