The Wash suds method (outdoors)

A great and time saving way to use the Claying Rubber is with our car washes, as they are all super lubricating.  

Step 1:

Work in the shade, or early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Wash your car using Nanolicious Wash, Wax Wash, or Auto Body Gel, then rinse it thoroughly. 

Step 2:

Create a separate and new lubricating suds solution by adding two capfuls of one of our washes into around 5-8L of water and frothing it up.

Step 3:

Work on small areas at a time, like 1/4 of a bonnet, or 1/2 of the roof or boot. Get heaps of suds onto the car with one of our safe microfibre wash tools like our Wash Pillow or Shagamittastic Wash Mitt. Dip it and the Claying Rubber into the suds solution. Take the suds to the car and squeeze them all over the section you're about to clay. You want to really make sure the surface area is wet with the lubricating suds.

Step 4:

With your hand on the foam backing part of the Claying Rubber, apply it to the surface GENTLY, with no pressure at all. Go in straight lines; up and down, back and forth, until the pad runs back and forth nice and smooth, with no resistance. 

Step 5:

Rinse the section off. Then do the rest of the car using the same method. Keep the car wet as you go, or dry each section when you're done to avoid water spots.

You may notice that the rubber surface will feel slightly more tacky after use, this is normal and part of the trick of how this rubber works. When new it has a powder on the surface to stop it sticking to the packaging, with this gone the now sticky surface can easily grab onto the bonded contaminants and be more effective at safely removing them from the surface.