Drop top, soft top, rag top and convertible roofs.

For many car fanatics, a drive in an open top car can be something religious, with the open car sensation when being more exposed to the outdoor wind, speed and sound elements of the car adding a whole new level of enjoyment to any drive. 

The soft top roofs on these cars are generally made from a more pliable fabric or even vinyl and even though they can add a lot of enjoyment to your driving experience, if they aren't looked after correctly, the smiles can quickly turn to a frown when looked after incorrectly, especially if any neglect means you'll be potentially paying for a new roof down the track.  

So, we have put this quick guide together on how to deep clean and then protect your roof to keep it looking its best over the long term. 

The fabric material used in soft tops are all treated with protective products when new, as the material can be easily damaged by long term exposure to the outdoor environmental elements like the sun’s rays, grime and water. Over time, this protection slowly dissipates, so regular maintenance to top this up is required, preventing their premature ageing. 

With the products we use and the way they work, you need to stringently follow the following different techniques and procedures to make sure they can work their best and you don't do accidental and irrepairable damage to the roof whilst you're trying to clean and protect it.

For this job you will need the following products: Sublime CleanFabratection, the Plush BrushThe Foursome detailing brush set, a Big Green Sucker, the Square Bear microfibre applicator, a good bucket, and finally a quality low pile microfibre cloth like our Dirty Deeds.