Easier on porous or unsealed finishes

This was another item we targeted, as not all finishes on wheels or brake calipers are the same. Never an issue for anyone with good quality sealed or painted surfaces, but we have seen badly finished or unsealed finishes get a white residue if Wheely Clean was applied to a warm area or left for far too long or dried. These surfaces get this way as wheels and calipers go through many thousands of dramatic, long heat cycles, compounded when they are cleaned with harsh acid or stronger alkaline wheel cleaning formulas that all work to compromise the surface finish and create issues. We did a lot of real world testing on LOTS of cars, including a few HSV’s over the last 6 to 8 months, locally and at our many public demo nights as well. We are confident that this new formula has now addressed these issues. As always, follow the product directions and test it first if you have any concerns. The one thing we could not help was on the rare unsealed zinc callipers that have some iron content, it can make them darker as the formula reacts with the iron, so again be smart and check before use with a quick test in an inconspicuous area first.