Quick detail / car show touch ups

Our method of cleaning is one we have been using for many years, derived from when we would return from car shows with the cars covered in a layer of fine dust. We have found this to be the best, safest and easiest way to effectively clean them down. 

You will need the Boss Gloss detailing spray and Drop Bear towels. Working on a small section at a time, like a quarter of the roof, bonnet or a guard etc. Spray Boss Gloss and apply the first mist coat, using a little bit more than you would under normal circumstances, not enough so you have droplets forming, but enough so you can see the liquid totally covers the surface.

Then get your Drop Bear cloth and fold it in half long ways. Now this is the important part: follow this technique for this first clean. Grab a hand on each end of the cloth and gently apply an arms length away from you on the misted surface. Then using absolutely no pressure, slowly pull it in a straight line back towards you, while slowly rolling the cloth upwards at the same time. This way you’re continually exposing a clean surface of the cloth to the paint, further lessening the chance of any scratching. You will see the dust lines in the microfibre. It's important that as you continue, that you always make sure to turn the cloth to a fresh/clean section with each pass, so the dust in the cloth is never in contact with the paint again. Once the cloth has had all 4 sections used, put it away to be washed and get a new cloth.

After the first wipe down, very lightly mist the surface again with Boss Gloss. Grab a fresh Drop Bear cloth and fold it into quarters, and using the low pile side of the cloth, gently buff the misted area. Then grab your last, clean Drop Bear cloth, fold it in half and give that final buff with the plushest and driest part of the cloth, to leave a perfectly clean surface. It's important for this final finish that the you always use it on a dry section of the cloth, to eliminate smearing, so fold and turn it often.  Then move onto the next section, doing the exact same process, till the car is completed.