Step 3

Apply the Fine Clay Bar to the surface and gently rub the clay back and forth with very light pressure. If the paint is dirty, you will actually feel some resistance and even hear it working. Keep moving in a light motion till you no longer feel any resistance, or hear it working on the car. 

If the Boss Gloss begins to dry, you'll need to spray more on the surface. Please note that our Fine Clay Bar cannot be used on a dry surface. If it's dry, you'll make a mess and potentially damage your paint, so always make sure there is lots of lubrication on your paint.

This bar is not made to be agressive, so on heavier contaminated cars you may need to rub over the areas a little bit longer than you would with more agressive clay bars. But, you won't have to come back and machine polish out any fine micro scratches that more agressive clay bars will leave, which saves you time and money in the long run.