The hook up

We supply the popular current Karcher K Series, Gerni/Alto/Nilfisk Pro/Kew and Stihl pressure washer adapters to hook your pressure washer up to the Snow Blow Cannon. If you require a different type of adapter, please contact us as we also keep the more popular Kranzle, Lavor, Karcher HD/HDS, Nilfisk and Kew quick connect, Black and Decker, Ryobi, Bosch and a 1/4" quick connect fittings in stock too.

A lot of these fittings will work on other machines as well (there are literally hundreds of different machines) but if we don't have the fitting you're needing, they can usually be found online at different EBay stores.

Have a read of our article on finding the right adapter for your machine. Click the image below.



For first time use, screw the required adapter on very tight to the white thread taped end. We have found the base model Karcher K Series pressure washers don't allow the Cannon to swivel and sit straight, so apply some extra thread tape to the connector end and move to where it feels comfortable.