Mixing ratio made easy

Set up your pressure washer directly in front of your car and connect the power and your hose/water to it. Don’t turn it on yet!

We use a 9:1 ratio of water to foam wash and have made this super easy to work out. Simply fill the Cannon’s bottle to the “Fill Water to Here” mark (that’s 900ml of water), then top it up with the Snow Job foam formula to the “Fill Snow Job to Here” mark (100ml of Snow Job). We put the Snow Job in last so it doesn’t foam up while you’re filling.

If you're not using our Snow Blow Cannon, each capful of Snow Job is 50mls, so two capfuls is all you need to make up to one litre.

You can mix the foam as low as a 15:1 ratio (if you're a cheaper bugger), it just means a bit less foaming action though.

If you do want a stronger strip snow, add 800mls of water to 100mls of our Orange Agent citrus cleaner and 100mls of Snow Job wash.