Do you need to wash again?

Once the foam is completely washed off, use your best judgement on whether it now needs a hand wash or not.

Inspect the cars surface at the rear and lower parts of the car closely for any dirt or grime. If you see any, or if it has been through rain since the last wash, you should follow up this foam wash with a safe two bucket wash method. This is where you have 1 bucket that is filled with our lubricating Nanolicious Wash (best, most lubricating), Wax Wash or Auto Body Gel, and a 2nd bucket that's filled with clean water to rinse your microfibre wash tool (Like our Wash Pillow or Shagamittastic Wash Mitt) out in each time you come off the car, so you're releasing any left-over dirt and grime from the cleaning tools and never putting dirty water back on the car. 

If there was only light dust or sea spray on the car, we find the Snow Job foam can remove it all, so you can begin drying it with The Big Green Sucker microfibre drying towel and the Boss Gloss spray as the lubricant/drying aid spray.

Handy tips:
If you don’t use all the foam solution in one wash, it can be stored in the Cannon’s bottle for up to a month.

Use the Fully Slick protective spray after the car is all done, or apply our Happy Ending finishing foam to now protect the paint as per the information below. The slick and slippery finish allows the Snow Job foam to be more effective as the dirt cannot stick as well to the slick surfaces. You'll also notice how it also makes the foam slide off the car a bit faster, helping take any dust and grime away with it.