Do I need to clean my car washing microfibre tools?

All our microfibre washing tools can and should be machine washed and we recommend you do it reasonably often as follows; 

The Shagtastic Wash PadLove Glove wash mitt and new Muffy Sponge will not always need to be machine washed after each use. Just rinse them out well in fresh water once you're done washing your car and leave them to air dry. We machine wash all ours about once a month, unless we wash a really dirty car, or drop them on the ground, then they will be washed straight after. If you get grease or the like on them, you should hand wash with the Microfibre Wash in warm water, rub the microfibre wash into the more dirty parts you need to clean, then add them to the rest of the wash in the machine. For really dirty stains you may need to use a dedicated laundry spot cleaner. 

Our older/ original Muffy Sponge (It was only part covered in microfibre, and has exposed sides) is best hand-washed, in fact it's the only microfibre product we say not to wash in a machine. Wash it by hand in a bucket of 4 to 5 litres with 40mls of the Microfibre Wash added. Once you're happy it's clean, empty the bucket and rinse the sponge well with fresh water.

The Big Green Sucker should be washed straight after each use, again with the microfibre wash and while its still damp/ wet. Reason we say to wash it so often is that the Boss Gloss you use with it is hydrophobic when it dries, so it will make it less absorbent over time if you don't wash it out. Also, any dirt you get in the Big Green Sucker needs to be removed to allow for the safest wash when you next use it. Be sure to put this one in the dryer so it comes back nice and fluffy. If you air dry it, the more plush material will usally become all flat and matted and not feel or work as well as it should.  

For the same reason as the Big Green Sucker, the Big Softie cloths you use with our After Glow drying aid or Wet Dreams MUST be washed after each use, as they too will become slightly water repellant due to the dried hydrophobic product in them. If you cannot wash them right after drying your car, rinse them out well with fresh water and put them in a bucket of water, till you can wash them next. (Don't leave it for more than a day though).  

NEVER put the Shagtastic Wash Pad, the Wash Pillow or Muffy Sponge in the dryer, it will break down the sponge material inside them and they will come out feeling a lot thinner.. Simply air dry them after washing. The Love Glove can be machine dried if you wish, but its not really needed eaither.