Machine washing your cloths

We always recommend to wash all your microfibre cloths prior to their first use. This ensures that you remove any dirt, grit and/or skin oils that the cloth may have attracted along its journey.

We recommend all our cloths get washed by machine, either front or top loaders, depending on what you have. 

About the biggest thing to remember is that you don't want to wash your microfibre with the household clothes. Wash them separately to everything else. This will end a few hours of fun, as you remove all the lint out of your cloths, strand by strand!

You can mix most of your microfibre cloths together when washing, except any cloths that have been used for metal polishing or cleaning heavy grease and grime (we make our Dirty Deeds cloth dark in colour for those types of jobs). Also important to note to wash all twist pile loop microfibre with other twist pile loop cloths only - never wash them with other types of cloths as they can pick up lint from your other cloths. Wash them separate to the rest, otherwise you can have the materials embedded in those cloths, filter through to all your other cloths in the washing process. If it's a cloth that has been used for metal polishing you will see a dark residue through them all (yes we have done it!).

In our range of microfibre, the Big Green Sucker, Big Softie, Circle Work, Drop Bear, Glass Cloth, Chamois, Plush Daddy, Square Bear, Love Glove and Debugger can all be washed together in a machine.

At the bottom of this article we will talk about washing the Dirty Deeds and Muffy Sponge, but for now, lets get into washing these others.