Post Open Day - THE BIG WASH

As far as our family is concerned, if it's a cloth and it comes near our cars, it has to be microfibre. Apart from making the whole detailing routine that much easier and faster when using good quality cloths, it also provides you with a far superior finish. We have recently upgraded our complete range of microfibre, and they again make a massive difference in the time and ease to clean your 4 or 2 wheeled friend. This is a good guide on how to look after all these cloths, so they keep working like new for many, many years to come. 

Each year we run a few big Open Day tours of the car collection. It's a massive job cleaning all the cars, so we have a team of eager helpers come and help us prepare the shed. After detailing 70 odd cars, we have a big pile of quite filthy cloths that need cleaning. We wanted all our microfibre to last, as it's a reasonable investment with some 200 new cloths of all types used on our cars here. We have learnt a lot over the last 15 years of almost daily using and caring for our microfibre. Our best, updated tips and tricks for looking after the cloths can be found right here. All this is learnt from our own years of trial and much error!

When the cloths are soiled, or stop absorbing product/smearing, then it's time to wash them. We suggest doing this every time after you use them. Try to wash the cloths as soon as possible after waxing or cleansing as the longer you wait, the harder they can be to clean.