Step 1

Wipe your machine out with a clean, lint free cloth. This is to remove any excess lint left behind in the machine from other clothes, that can become embedded in your microfibre cloths. The put all the cloths and applicators together in your machine, set it to a warm-hot water setting as it helps waxes and oils to be released from the cloths fibres. 

Add the Microfibre Wash to the detergent dispenser. The amount of cloths you have to clean will depend on how much of the wash you need to use. Our wash is a very strong concentrate - when we clean around 30 to 40+ cloths we use only 40 to 60 mls of the wash. If you're only cleaning 5 to 10 cloths, 20 mls will be fine. 

Set the machine to a gentle (never a heavy one) wash cycle and let it do its cleaning magic. This is especially important with the Big Green Sucker and Drop Bear cloths, as we have seen some older machines agitators damage the cloths on a heavy cycle clean. 

It's critical that you NEVER add a Fabric Softener! This gear will fill up the special fibres so they stop absorbing and effectively kill your microfibre! Likewise don't add bleach or Napisan. This wash will do a better cleaning job and won't damage the material like these others can.