Step 2 - Drying

When the wash is done, it's time to dry the towels. 

Our cloths are of a very high quality, so they will not come apart if you dry them in a dryer, on a cool to low heat setting. We prefer drying this way as your cloths come out beautifully soft and plush again as well. We find our plush towels like the Drop Bear and Big Green Sucker really respond well to this. Also, the chance of anything blowing into the towels clean fibres is eliminated. We don't ever like to air dry outside as airborne particles from trees, lawns, blown up dirt all get back into the cloths. You can machine dry on cool the Circle Work wax and cleanser applicators as well as the Square Bear interior applicator. 

If you don't have a dryer, you can air dry the cloths inside on a collapsible indoor clothes hanger, and then use a hair dryer on them for a few minutes while rubbing the material with your hands. This is great for the plusher Drop Bear and Big Green Sucker towels if you cannot use a machine dryer. 

We don't recommend machine drying the Shagtastic, Wash Pillow or Muffy washing tools as it can affect their softer sponge inners over time. Air dry these only. 

Never dry the Drop Bear cloth outside. It will attract other Drop Bears to your home. You don't ever want these aggressive predators living in close vicinity to your residence!