Wax and Cleanser applicators

Before you begin washing all your cloths, give the applicator pads (Circle Work pads) you have used for the wax and cleanser a quick pre-wash. These cloths are about the hardest things to really clean right, as the build up of product gets deep into the cloth and keeps increasing over time. Our new Microfibre Wash completely cleans these fibres and removes all this residue, bringing them back like new every single wash.

Straight after use, put them into a bucket or wash sink with a couple litres of warm water. After an initial soak of a minute, lightly pour about 10 mls of Microfibre Wash into each damp pad, rub it all over the surface till suds appear. I usually rub the two circle work pads together, just for 30 seconds or so, so the wash gets right in there.

Rinse clean with fresh water and then add them with the rest of the cloths to the washing machine.