Matte Finishes

As we touched on before, if your bike has a matte finish paint job, these are the steps that you would follow.

Use Orange Agent on all the greasy and oily areas as per normal, then Snow Job as your pre wash and then wash with Auto Body Gel. Snow Job is safe for matte finishes and Auto Body Gel is also safe for matte finishes and will leave a very nice and clean surface without the risk of any streaking.

Dry the bike with The Big Green Sucker without the use of Boss Gloss on the painted areas. Once the bike has been dried, wipe down all the matte finished areas with Clean Detail and a couple Big Softie cloths. Clean Detail is our dedicated cleaning spray and is perfect for matte finishes due to having no extra gloss enhancers built into its formula. It's also got some anti static properties built into it, which makes it very useful for bikes and matte finishes.

Again, I employed the help of Nathanael House from Perfection Automotive Detailing for this one. Nathanael is the most experienced bike detailer we know and does amazing work, as can be seen here with this awesome Harley that he recently detailed.