External Plastic Trim & Rubbers

If your external plastic trim is looking faded, dirty or is just in need of a good clean, Orange Agent is a perfect fit for this job. Any light cleaning of these external plastic trims can be taken care of with our SubLime Clean, but for the more heavily soiled and tougher jobs, Orange Agent is the go to product. Using a Square Bear applicator, or a soft bristled brush like our Plush Brush if the surface needs deeper cleaning, spray the product into your applicator or brush, then work the product into the plastic trim. While the solution is still wet, wipe it clean with a Dirty Deeds cloth. Once the surface is clean & dry, and free of contaminants, silicones etc, you can seal the surface with our Vinyl Revival trim rejuvenation and protection product. Orange Agent can also be used to remove polish and wax residue from rubber door trims and linings.