Strip Snow

A very unique use for Orange Agent, is the removal of waxes, sealants and silicones on the paint. We do this to remove old products that may have been used in the past that you want to remove, or it can be used as the first step in your Snow Job mixture, to remove heavier grease and grime, or to remove old products on the paint, in preparation for a full detail - to start fresh so to speak.

The way we do this is by adding 100ml of Orange Agent into the Snow Job mixture. So we use 100ml Orange Agent, 100ml Snow Job and 800ml of water in the Snow Blow Cannon, then do your normal snow foam of the car. Leaving the product to dwell on the paint will break down waxes and other sealants, and leave a good base to start with for a fresh detail.

You wouldn't use this method every time you snow foam your car, as it will remove any protection on there. Always remember that if you do use this method, that you follow up with Lazy Wax, Fully Slick or Bead Machine, to protect the paint once again.