Extra Protection Layers - with Fully Slick

You can double, even triple the life of your wax with a couple of our newer sealants from our car care arsenal. The Fully Slick protective detailing spray is quick and easy to use for boosting both the protection and longevity of your wax by applying after waxing and between washes. It leaves that beautiful, smooth and slick finish (like a wax does), and brings up the great gloss finish as well.

With our Carnauba Body Wax being more organic, it will take a few hours for its layer to fully harden and cure. So we recommend waiting 2 hours in the summer months and 3 to 4 hours if it's colder or wet before applying the following; 

Fully Slick gets applied with two Drop Bear cloths. Spray the Fully Slick straight into one Drop Bear, wipe over the surface of the paint one section at a time (half a bonnet or so), then with the second Drop Bear cloth, buff off any residue as you go.

This is a super easy to use product, and I believe worth adding to your product arsenal, so take the time to read the guide at the end of this article.