An easy job for paint care

This is the easy bit!

What did you say? Isn't waxing correctly a mysterious and difficult procedure?

No, it's not.

Believe it or not, the previous cleansing of the paint is the hardest bit. If you put in the hard work cleansing and preparing a smooth surface for the wax, it should be an enjoyable walk in the park. Ensure that your car has been thoroughly washed and cleansed with Bowden's Own Auto Body Gel/Nanolicious Wash/Wax Wash and Paint Cleanse & Restore respectively. If it feels rough in any way, give it a go with our Fine Clay Bar or Claying Rubber. No matter how good we make the wax, if it's not applied to a correctly treated surface, it will neither look very sharp, nor bind to the surface correctly to offer adequate protection. So try and do the preparation work first and get the best possible finish.

Having the right tools to use with the Carnauba Body Wax is important to make it super easy as well. So get one of our Circle Work applicator pads and a matching Big Softie microfibre cloth.