All performance cars

All performance cars have a special voice, a sweet sound that makes so many of us fall in love with the different cars we own or desire. Some people might call this device an exhaust, but any car guy or girl will tell you it's a whole lot more than that. On that very place where so much joyous sound comes from is an area of the car that strangely begins life as one of the shiniest parts of a car, but due to its closeness to the ground, carbon build up from long sporting drives and not to mention all the debris that gets swirled around at the rear of the car, you get all manner of dirt and grime bonding onto it, leading to it fast becoming one of the dirtiest. 

The exhaust on the 1964 Quad Cam Porsche 356 Carrera gets a bit of carbon and grime build up.  

Over time, it slowly becomes dirtier and dirtier, till it's almost unrecognisable. This quick guide is about how to bring the chrome and polished stainless types back to new again with a couple of popular products from our great car care range.