Cleaning out the pipes

  • First thing to do is spray our Agent Orange degreasing citrus cleaner directly onto the area to be cleaned. Spray it about 15cm away from pipes.
  • Leave it sit for a minute or two, then get a Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth and wipe the area clean. Gloves can be a good idea as this can be a very messy job. Make sure you fold the cloth into quarters and use a new section of cloth with each wipe/pass, turning it often so you have a clean section of cloth each time you wipe. Wipe and spray till the area is as clean as you can get it.
  • We also like to clean off the carbon deposits in the exhaust while we're at it by spraying the inners with Agent Orange and then unceremoniously sticking a small bristle wheel brush up the pipes, spinning it around and cleaning the insides. Be warned, as this can get quite messy, particularly if you're using the "in and out" technique with a bit of speed for cleaning them. Just make sure you're not wearing a nice, clean white shirt, as it will become splattered with carbon residue!
  • Rinse with water and wipe the pipes clean.
  • If there is excessive carbon build up (like on many turbo powered cars), the area around the pipes could very well need a clay bar, followed up with a polish of the Auto Body Cleanser and finally Protected with the Auto Body Wax, Lazy Wax or Fully Slick around the exhaust.
  • Once you're done with that, it will become quite noticeable that the exhaust tips will need a clean up. So grab our Metal Polish and a Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth.