Polishing the pipes

  • The Dirty Deeds cloth is a low pile, strong and very effective cloth we have that is great to use when metal polishing. Fold the Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth in half or quarters, longways.
  • Apply three or four dollops of Metal Polish across the middle of the cloth. It's worth noting that this polish doesn't work as well when you use too much, so don't smother it too heavily on there. 
  • Wrap it around the exhaust, holding onto both ends of the cloth and gently pull it from side to side in a moderate fashion.
  • Slowly work your way around the exhaust, for around 15 to 30 seconds. Add a little extra couple of dollops of Metal Polish to the cloth as you move to a new section, or if it appears to have dried out. Don't forget to polish around the inside of the tip by hand as well.
  • Once done, wipe the freshly polished area clean with a second clean Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth and inspect the exhaust tip. If it looks like it could still get better, repeat the process once more. Always turn the cloth to a clean side for subsequent product removal. 
  • Our Metal Polish offers a sealant in its formula as well, so it should keep the shine in longer and be easier to clean from now on.

Once you're happy with the results, take her for a good drive to blow and dry out any water from that might have gotten into the exhaust.