Polishing the pipes

  • Fold the Dirty Deeds microfibre cloth in half longways.
  • Apply a 10 cent sized dob of Metal Polish in the middle of the cloth. This polish doesnt' work as well when you use too much - LESS IS BEST!
  • Wrap it around the exhaust, holding onto both ends of the cloth and gently pull it from side to side in a moderate fashion.
  • Slowly work your way around the exhaust, till all the areas are done, not forgetting to polish the tip of them as well.
  • Wipe the freshly polished area clean with an unused section of the microfibre cloth (or a separate cloth if you have a few lying about) and inspect the exhaust tip. If it looks like it could still be better, go for it again.
  • Our Metal Polish offers a good sealant in its formula as well, so it should be easier to clean this area from now on.

Once you're happy with the results, take her for a drive to dry any water out of the exhaust.