The Snow Job

Get the Cannon and now apply the Snow Foam, working from the front of the car (as it's the dirtiest and needs the longest dwell time) then do the lower parts of the car, (including the wheels) and make your way up to the top roof area. It’s also a smart idea to move around the car in the same direction you did the wheels with Wheely Clean.  

The snow foam slows down the drying time of the Bugger Off and Wheely Clean, so you can now let it sit for a few minutes (3 to 4 is good), while all the cleaners work together at loosening up the grime, bugs and other contaminants from their respective areas.

While the foam's at work, get the De Bugger cloth and clean the windscreen, but only it, no other parts around the car as you will still be taking the risk or scratching. Glass is not one of these parts. Turn and fold the cloth often, rinsing it out in the bucket.

After 3 to 4 minutes, swap the pressure washer from the Snow Blow Cannon to its water spray attachment. Begin blowing away the foam from the top of the car and working down (don't forget the wheels too), doing the bug affected areas last.