Step 1

Cleaning away the grime

Make sure the engine is cool and you're parked in a shaded area, like your garage. As we don't use a hose or let it become excessively messy, you don't have to be outdoors for this job.

First part is to inspect the engine and clean the dirtier grease or oil affected areas. We use Orange Agent and our Dirty Deeds cloth for this job. Orange Agent is a safe, but strong biodegradable cleaner, that is not damaging to any rubber, plastic, alloy, polished, clear coated or painted surfaces in the engine bay. Spray it about 8 to 10 times into an already damp Dirty Deeds cloth, then with the wet cloth, wipe over the dirtier areas. Save time in cleaning up any excess Orange Agent by spraying it into the cloth for applying, not the directly into the engine bay.