Using the Sucker with Boss Gloss

It's important to read our instructions in the packaging. So, before the first use, give it a machine wash with our Microfibre Wash and then run it through the tumble dryer. Like any plush towel, it can sometimes initially lint, but the linting stops after this first wash/dry. 

First off, sheet the water from the wet car before applying the towel. Simply take the sprayer nozzle off your hose end and with the water on a medium pressure, hold it on an angle close to the surface, so it allows a gentle stream to run over the paint, effectively flooding the panels and sheeting the water from it. This little thing saves you some real time in drying.

When just used by itself, The Big Green Sucker is pretty damn good for drying your vehicle. But you can make it even better with our Boss Gloss used as a drying aid. This great technique is used by many professional detailers to make drying your vehicle easier than ever before. By using the Boss Gloss's hygroscopic (it absorbs water) nature, helping attract and absorb the water into the fibres of The Big Green Sucker, hence cutting drying time as well as adding very important lubrication for further minimising errant dirt and grime ever scratching your paint. Boss Gloss also makes any trailing water evaporate better to stop those annoying little water droplets leaving marks in the paint. Also with this technique, you'll also get a lovely shine to your paint as well.

The technique for using it is easy; drape The Big Green Sucker over your arm with the bulk of the towel hanging down. Holding the Boss Gloss at least 30cm to 40cm from the towel, mist 4-6 sprays of Boss Gloss straight into the towel. Flip the towel over and spray another 4-6 sprays on the other side. Then, grab each end of the towel and starting from the roof, slowly glide it across the wet surface, drying the water as you go. On the lower panels, fold the towel in half, so it cannot ever drop down and touch the ground. 

The Big Green Sucker can do bigger cars and vans, even multiple vehicles, one after the other. The technique of sheeting the water off is important as well as having a car with some protection on the surface whether that be Fully SlickBead Machine or another sealant or coating to help the water sheeting process. We have found that if you wring the towel out mid way through drying that it's not going to work as well after, as all the material becomes completely drenched and cannot hold anymore water in its plush fibres. If you find you're doing multiple cars it can pay to have a couple of these great towels handy.

If you begin to see any lint from the cloth, this is likely caused by contamination on the paint or glass. Give the car a good clay with our Clay Bar or Claying Rubber.  Another reason is lubrication, so make sure the cloth has Boss Gloss sprayed into it to make sure it's always well lubricated.