Cleaning and caring for the Claying Rubber

After use, rinse the Claying Rubber out in fresh water thoroughly. Be sure to run water on both sides of the pad and through the foam section in the middle as well. DO NOT WRING IT OUT, SCRUNCH IT, OR ALLOW THE RUBBER TO TOUCH THE RUBBER as it will stick together and affect the rubber polymer surface if pulled apart too agressively. Run the side of your hand across the foam section to help remove as much water as possible. A nice little tip is to rub the foam backing over the edge of a contoured sink, with your hand putting pressure on the rubber face to push the water out from the foam. 

Then leave it to dry, we find placing an old microfibre cloth under the Claying Rubber on its side will help absorb residual water from it as it dries. Leave it for a few hours, even overnight, till it feels totally dry. 

Once dry, store it in a sealed food container (one in image is a Decor brand Aussie made one) with the rubber side facing up, or in a spot that the rubber wont come into contact with another item, as it will stick to it. DO NOT store the pad in a plastic bag for this very reason.

Keep it in a cool spot, out of the direct sunlight as well.