Removing it safely


4 ways of doing it

Thankfully, if you get to remove the residue quickly, it's not that difficult. The longer you leave any of the sap, the harder it can be to get off the paint, and if left long enough, it will become black and sooty due to mould. So with that in mind, we have our list of ways to remove these sap residues that are a few days old, to neglected cars with it left on for a longer period. It's worth noting that there are some types of tree sap that give the bugs an acidic excrement (that would be fun for the bugs no doubt), so it's quite important to remove it ASAP, otherwise it will etch into the paint surface, leaving small circular "water" mark after you've cleaned all the residue off. In the rare case you do unfortunately get these marks after following our steps below, I would suggest you call your local professional detailer to remove these marks with a good machine polish.