About our Tyre Sheen

We are never happy to just make something like “all the rest”, and gave our chemists a list of things that we disliked and needed to be addressed before we could sign off on the product, which took some 43 separate batches over 7 years until they nailed it. It's now been over 12 years and 3 big formula upgrades since then, but we do have our epically perfect Tyre Sheen. And here is why:

  • Will not fling off your tyre onto your cars paint. Without doubt the biggest annoyance we had with many of the different tyre shine products out there. Anything with any sense of longevity seems to do this. Ours loves rubber, so it just happily stays on the tyre keeping the tyre looking good for longer, whilst cutting down your cleaning time as you’re no longer going to be wiping down any marks on the sides of your car.
  • Gives the tyre a perfect, new and natural looking “sheen”. If you're car freaks like us, you won't like super glossy tyres. It looks very artificial, not to mention cheap and tacky. To get the tyre looking like it is new, as we say a concours/car show look, is what we're after from day one. If anything, the way to describe it is as a mid shine, not super glossy, but not a matt finish either; just perfect.
  • Self cleaning, so you don't have to buy another product every time you clean the tyre. We say to wash the tyre first time around (Read that in our guide on cleaning old tyres), to remove any other old tyre shine products or built up grime and dirt, but from there just use it by itself. Even on older, crappy looking tyres, they will show up a better looking finish. It even removes “browning” on older tyres and cleans orginal white walls quite nicely. Just spray on and wipe them down with a separate cloth to clean the white wall surface. It's something we have been using to great effect on Dad’s old hot rods for many years now.
  • Contains specialised oils to help protect and preserve. With the amount of cars we have in the collection, it's important to have a good formulation that is not going to wreck any of the tyres. Having to replace them every few years is not worth it no matter how good the tyre shine product is! We found others out there are full of ingredients that are actually detrimental to the sidewalls of your tyre, drying the rubber out, cracking it and then making it dangerous to use. We have some specialised rubber loving oils in there to make sure this won't happen.
  • Will not affect any painted, chromed, polished or alloy wheels. Very important again for us with the dollar value of some wheels, and with the variety of the wheels we have on the cars. Having something that wrecks any type of finish is very anti car care and not at all what we are about!
  • It's very long lasting and is water resistant. Making something that would not be gone in a week or after the first shower of rain was important. Hence it is water resistant and is still there even after multiple washings. Likewise it will not wash off at the first sight of rain. We did a lot of testing in our hectic monsoon like wet seasons and found the product in the wettest of conditions will last weeks, not hours or minutes… Very different to anything else we put it up against. In normal, dry conditions, it just keeps on going and going and going… We have found different types of tyres give slightly different results, so there is no set scale in longevity other than it out performs everything else we (and others who tested it) have tried before.
  • Quick drying and easy to use; something that is essential with all of our products. Time is an important asset and you're always after more time to enjoy driving your car, rather than cleaning it. Likewise, no one likes hard to use products and we had to make it as simple as possible to use.
  • It smells like jam doughnuts... Winner.