Suds or Boss Gloss?

The Bowden’s Own Clay Towel is for anyone who wants ‘easy to use’ car care, as you can see when using it with either washing, or with a lubricating detailing spray below. But, which method is best for you?

Using the Clay Towel with Boss Gloss is an effective way of using the product, and if you're indoors, or the car you're working on is one that doesn't see water, then it's perfect. Boss Gloss offers an excellent amount of lubrication for the Clay Towel process and makes it a nice and quick job when compared to the traditional Clay Bar.

We prefer to use the Clay Towel with the wash suds right after we've washed and rinsed the car. Washing and rinsing the car first is critical, as it removes any of the heavier dirt and grime that could potentially scratch the paint should it get underneath the Clay Towel when you start using it. The way we prefer to do the job is; using wash suds in a bucket from Nanolicious Wash, carrying the suds to the car with the Shagtastic Wash Pad, then using the Fine Clay Towel one panel at a time, and rinsing off the panels as you go (making sure to keep the car wet to avoid water spotting), is the easiest and fastest way we've found to use this gear, and it gives us the results we're after, every time. It's also the chosen technique by many professional detailers.

See below for a more in-depth look at both of these techniques.