Using with Detailing Sprays

For those who don’t clean their cars with water, the Clay Towels can be used with Boss Gloss as well.

Step 1

Clean the area down you're going to be using the Clay Towel on before using it. Spray Boss Gloss liberally onto the surface and safely remove any light dust with a super plush microfibre cloth like our Drop Bear. Work in small sections at a time, like 1/3 of a bonnet, a guard or half a door.

Step 2

Spray another fine mist of Boss Gloss down as the lubricant on the area you will be working on. Be real sure you don’t use the Clay Towel outside the lubricated area. 

Step 3

Spray 2-3 sprays of Boss Gloss into the Clay Towel surface and apply to the car surface with your hand on the microfibre side of the towel. Apply to the surface with little to no hand pressure. Use a smooth side to side motion, then change to an up and down movement. You will hear and feel resistance on dirtier areas, which will disappear once it’s clean and smooth. 

Step 4

Once your towel is free moving, remove it from the surface and then use the Big Softie microfibre cloth to buff the area dry and clean. Repeat the process on each panel, till the car is done, making sure each section is well lubricated as you go.

Step 5

Your paint is now super clean and smooth, ready for the next steps of cleansing and waxing. These steps are very important for protecting and maintaining that new found slickness. Please see our guides on using our waxes and Fully Slick in the Guides section of the website.