Fast removal

In the sun you will notice that the wax will dry very quickly to a haze, around 10 to 15 seconds on the 30 degree Celsius day we did the test. Buff it off with a folded, clean and dry, plush microfibre cloth like our Big Softie or Drop Bear, turning it often to a clean side to get the best finish. You can leave the wax on for longer if you wish, but we like to do a section at a time to ensure we don't miss any sections when buffing it off, we always take better attention to achieving a perfect finish by removing all the wax residue when doing it this way, rather than bigger sections at a time. 

The wax will last around 2 to 3 months on a daily driven car, when washed weekly with our Auto Body Gel or Nanolicious Wash car wash. These unique washes help rejuvenate the UV protection and shine. You can expect around 6 months longevity if it sees the outdoor elements occasionally. If it is a garage queen, like so many of ours in the collection, expect around a years protection before you need to be applying the wax once more.  

If you're after a bit more protection, look at boosting it with our Fully Slick protective detailing spray. This protective spray is easy to use (don't use it in the sun), fast and really effective for adding a layer of protection to the surface of your car.