Important washing tools

We famously don't like the traditional sponges that most people have been washing their cars with since Moses was a boy. They have pores that work as great storage facilities for the grit and other tiny hard particles you remove from your car when washing. The pores keep them entrapped, so they can keep micro scratching your paint forever. Most swirls and light scratches come from car washing, which is why we've put a bit of thought into our five washing tools, to help prevent this from ever happening.

The Wash Pillow is one of our newest wash tools, incorporating our new 3 yarn microfibre into a huge sized pad for maximum in hand satisfation and cleaning power. It makes cleaning bigger cars or 4WDs an absolute breeze thanks to its large surface area, and it can hold a mammoth amount of suds! Its bright blue colour helps you identify any dirt or grime that might be trapped in the microfibre so you don't accidentally microscratch your car. This is the one we personally love to use the most when washing. 

The Shagamittastic Wash Mitt is our other, new, 3 yarn wash tool, for those who love the epic suds of the Shagtastic Wash Pad, and the comfort of our Love Glove. It's perfect for getting in and around grills, mirrors, and other tight areas while having a lot of give in the material and also holding a heap of suds. It has a stiched divider recessed inside for your fingers, so it's easier to manage with big or small sized hands. This one really helps with the fatigue that comes with hand washing your car.

The bright orange Shagtastic Wash Pad uses a plush 3 stage blend of deep pile microfibre to give a fantastic clean, and safely removing the funk and grime particles from your paint. it has lots of give in the material to help prevent annoying micro scratches and swirl marks from happening to your precious baby. It holds a lot of suds and is a perfect size for most so you can wash faster and easier.

Our Muffy sponge is for those who still love the feel of a sponge when washing. It has a layer of special bright yellow microfibre on the top and bottom, allowing it to have a nice soft barrier, which will minimise micro scratching. Muffy also has its new mesh covered sides, so you can get heaps of suds in and out of the sponge, this also helps stop wash fatigue with the sponge getting heavy as you move around the car. If you ever accidently drop Muffy, you can easily wash it out. The bright yellow material aids you in being able to check it militantly, and find any foreign contaminants in the material. Please make sure that you inspect and clean Muffy militantly after each wash or if you ever drop her!

The Love Glove is another well thought out washing tool with a luxurious soft microfibre in a short nap weave, to stop the risk of those damaging particles getting caught in them, and a unique inner lining to again help draining and reduce washing fatigue. Its ideal for cleaning around grills, mirrors and other tight areas the Shagtastic Wash Pad and Muffy cannot get into. One feature you will love with the Love Glove, is how you can stick a hose into the open end of the mitt, turn it on and clean it out as the water streams through the mitt. This is great for when you have finished and in case you somehow drop the mitt. (Yes, I have proved it is possible.)