Step 2

It's wash time with the two bucket method 

We are strong advocates for the two bucket wash technique as all paint is extra susceptible to light scratches when you wash. There is no real gimmick to this way of washing, it's there to really minimise the potential of ever scratching your paint dramatically. 

Get your two 15 litre Wash and Rinse buckets, check to make sure they are clean inside, wipe them out if they are not. Place our Great Barrier Thingy's in the base of each bucket; fill the Rinse bucket right up first with fresh water, then the Wash bucket to the ¾ full mark with water. Now add the correct dosage of shampoo as on the product label, which is just one capful for all our washes. You add to the bucket when the water level is ¾ full, so you won't get a huge head of suds and very little water! Your aim is to get a nice layer of suds, about 10cm worth, so they sit just above the rim of your bucket. Be sure to rinse the washes cap clean in the wash water as well, so you can be sure to get the full dose.

Now thoroughly drench the car with the hose, to have rinse away as much of the dirt and "heavier" elements off from the car, especially down on the lower areas with a slightly stronger water pressure.