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You need a good car wash shampoo. We have three washes which are all a bit different. Our original custom blend, the Auto Body Gel, or our newest car washes, the Nanolicious Wash and Wax Wash, are the all pH balanced and specially created for the safest wash and still caring for your precious wax coat, sealant or paint protection coating.

A very important difference with all three of our washes is that we don't add any salt in them. Salt is a popular additive for car washes, as it increases sudsing, acts as a water softener so suds will happen in even rubbish quality water, and it thickens the product up to the gel like state. We found a better way to make it with no salt, about the only issue being is that if your water is bad quality it will not suds up as much. But, we hope that anyone who uses our wash will always use good quality water, so it's not an issue! All these years later and we still don't know of anyone else who makes salt free washes - just another bonus for using it!

Auto Body Gel was the very first product we ever made and it's still got a huge following. It has great lubrication, UV and anti rust additives, to minimise any micro scratching and is the easiest wash on your hands as well. It's not as high sudsing as the next two washes, but you can use this one in the direct sun and never have to worry about it leaving streak marks, which makes it very popular with many professional mobile detailers. It also leaves a lovely shine to the car and is just an all round great wash.   

Wax Wash is one of our newest car wash shampoos. It's a more naturally based product that is infused with real T1 grade carnauba wax, to give your paint a boost in both shine and protection. We've put unique additives in this wash that will look after the plastic and rubber trims on the outside of your car to help keep them looking like new. The high sudsing and lubricated formula ensures that dirt is encapsulated and suspended in the suds to reduce any potential scratching of your paint while you're washing. Wax Wash is pH neutral, so it won't strip any waxes or sealants that you may have already applied, and it will leave a layer of wax protection on your paint. You'll love the depth and shine this wash will give to your paint. Has good UV protection and the highest ratio of anti rust ingredients, so we recommend it for all classic cars and anyone who lives near the ocean. 

Nanolicious Wash is our most advanced car wash shampoo. We went to town on this one to make our absolute dream car wash. Super sudsy, extreme cleaning ability, lovely smell, awesome lubricity and a remarkably stunning shine. It uses a few different, special synthetic Nano polymers that are designed to leave a hydrophilic finish to your paint work, allowing it to sheet the water off better when rinsing it off. These same ingredients also help to maintain and even repair the super hydrophobic nature of modern ceramic paint coatings after just a couple of washes. With its advanced cleaning agents, and other wizardry it's truly one of the best car wash shampoo's on the market.