Get the right stuff

Now we don't want to sound patronising or condescending in any way, but you would be amazed at how many people just don't get the whole car washing thing. It is as simple or as hard as you wish it to be. Whether it's a quick whip around before a cruise, or a luxurious two bucket bath for your special someone. There are a few simple rules you must follow.

First things is you need a good bucket, preferably 2, with about 15 litres capacity and our new Great Barrier Thingy's. Our buckets are known affectionately as BOB, The Bowden's Own Bucket. We do three cosmetic versions of it for the separate Wash, Rinse and Wheels jobs. We'll go more into using them all soon, but they are a great quality item that's made right here in Australia.  

The Great Barrier Thingy's are a great thing that fit snugly into the bottom of the buckets to allow all of the potentially scratching heavier grit and grime to drift through to the bucket base, so you don't get it back into your wash tools. It's a simple tool that works an absolute treat for minimising wash marks and swirls from occurring.