Almost there, the final steps!

We’re now at the stage where the paint has been washed, clayed, cleansed and prepared for the final protection stage. Now we want to apply Lazy Wax for it's extra shine and depth and then Fully Slick to seal it all in. You can also use our Carnauba Body Wax instead of Lazy Wax if you prefer a cream wax, we usually go with Lazy Wax for this job now though as it's so much faster to do. 

Starting with the roof, working top to bottom and one panel at a time, grab your Drop Bear cloth, spray 5-6 sprays of Lazy Wax into the Drop Bear cloth and wipe in a back and forward / up and down motion to get the best coverage of the product. Keep wiping until you no longer see any residue from the product left behind. Grab a second Drop Bear cloth and polish to a lovely gloss. We recommend to allow Lazy Wax to cure on the paint for a minimum of 4 hours – this gives the carnauba time to cure and harden on the surface.

After your allotted dry time, use another 2 Drop Bear cloths and repeat this process using Fully Slick, or read the next paragraph on using our even more protective After Glow.

Fully Slick needs around 1 hour to cure. If you want extra protection, you can also layer Fully Slick up to 3 times, if you wish.