Leather interiors

If you've got a leather interior, it's important to start off on the right foot with our leather care system; Leather Love and Leather Guard. We always recommend to do a deep clean on the seats first, to remove any silicones that may be present, then move onto the Leather Love and Leather Guard. We do this with Orange Agent. Orange Agent is a super versatile all purpose cleaner that's perfect for deep cleaning modern, PU coated leather.

The first thing to do is to vacuum up any bigger bits of dirt and other debris. The process is just like that for cleaning all the interior plastic trims: apply Orange Agent to an applicator like our Square Bear, then work the product into the leather back and forth, even little circles if you want so that you don't miss any surfaces. With the product still wet, wipe off the residue with a clean Plush Daddy cloth. Continue this technique for the remainder of the leather seats.

Next, grab your Leather Love and a Square Bear applicator, and apply the product the same way you did for the Orange Agent - wipe the product in generously over a section at a time, then with the product still wet, wipe off any excess with a clean Plush Daddy cloth. Once all of the leather has been done in this manner, use the exact same technique to apply the Leather Guard. Now your brand new leather is clean from dirt and silicones and protected from wear and tear.

We recommend to re-apply Leather Love every 1-2 months in the hotter climates and apply Leather Guard every 3rd time you apply Leather Love.