One of the better before and after car care articles we have done. We had a 1967 911 Porsche shell that we had totally forgotten about, sitting under covers in a little used gardening shed for close to two decades. Upon pulling it out I knew its original, neglected interior was the ideal car to show how to use our two products; SubLime Clean and Vinyl Revival. These 2 products can be easily used to bring this back, literally from the dead...

Vinyl Revival is what we usually use on exterior plastic trims, tonneaus and vinyl roof's, but it can be substitued for our Vinyl Care interior product we also make. Both are silicone free, non greasy and give good UV protection, the Vinyl Revival however is resistant to being washed off by water once it cures and it leaves a slighty glossier finish. 


This is what two decades of sitting around does to an interior. 

Casey very pumped to be doing this How-To-Use article! 

Mice have been pumping out something else for a few years... 

First step, vacuum the hell out of the whole area. 

All vacuumed, and looking safe enough to begin cleaning with our gear. 

Time to bring in the new stuff, SubLime Clean and Vinyl Revival.

Spray the SubLime into a microfibre applicator pad. 

Cleaning a section at a time, SubLime is great at quickly cleaning the dirtiest vinyl areas with the pad. 

SubLime's special formula works a treat at cleaning away the very worst dirt and mould. 

Being water based you can wring the applicator clean in water, before moving to the next section. 

Now before it can dry, wipe the area dry with a folded clean microfibre cloth. This is an important technique, as if it dries you'll have the dirt and grime bonding back to the surface when it dries. Remove wet and you take the grime away with it. Fold and turn the cloth often to a new fresh side, replace it for annew cloth once all the side are dirty. 

Sublime Clean leaves a very flat and neutral finish, so now we use the Vinyl Revival to rejuvinate and bring it back to life. 

When applying the Vinyl Revival, use a seperate, clean applicator pad. Be sure to get in all the grooves and creases. 

Again, remove the Vinyl Care product while it is still wet by gently wiping it with a fresh/ clean folded microfibre cloth. 

Cleaning the same way on all the other vinyl areas. 

All done. Casey will be happy to get out of there! (and off to the Doc's to get a booster shot!) 

Back seat shows what great car care can do. 

 A dramatic difference. Carpet was also cleaned with the SubLime Clean and vaccumed again.