What is Alcantara/Microsuede?

Alcantara, Ultrasuede and Microsuede are the brand names for a type of microfibre, made synthetically to replicate the soft, luxury look and feel of old, natural suedes and other cloth trims of decades gone. Used in many luxury and performance cars nowadays, it gives a lovely, sophisticated feel to many of these vehicles. As tough as it's been engineered however, you cannot use normal generic fabric cleaners on them, especially anything solvent based, as they can easily damage the material and lose the softness and texture that makes it look and feel so good.


Our compatible cleaner

Our Fabra Cadabra cleaner was created to be compatible for cleaning this delicate type of suede trims, a solvent free formula that is literally magic for cleaning marks off it. Still there are a few great tips and tricks to doing it right, which we'll share with you here.