1. Quick wipe overs

If your fabric trim has no heavy stains or soiling but could use a spruce up, it's a very quick job with a wipe over of Fabra Cadabra using two of our purpose specific microfibre tools; the Square Bear applicator, which uses a soft tricot weave that we have found to be exceptional for its cleaning power. The Plush Daddy, which is a dual sided cloth with the plush side for light dusting duties around your car and the low pile side for interior product removal, including Fabra Cadabra

Also for this job, get together a vaccum cleaner and a small bucket that's half filled with water. 

First off you need to vaccum the area you wish to clean, and remove any of the heavier particles from the trim. 

Spray 5 to 6 sprays of the Fabra Cadabra into a clean Square Bear applicator.

Work on smaller areas at a time, like half a seat base, a seat bolster etc. Gently wipe the Square Bear over the fabric surface and you'll see the Fabra Cadabra will lather up lightly with the cleaning part in its formula working its magic.

While it's still wet on the surface (don't ever allow it to dry), use a clean Plush Daddy cloth folded to the low pile side and wipe over the area to remove the now released dirt and grime from the fabric. Fold the cloth to a clean section/side and wipe it over once more.

It's critical to inspect and fold the Plush Daddy cloth to a clean side often, so the dirt and grime you have released will not transfer back to the surface you are cleaning. It can pay to have a couple of cloths handy if you're doing a slightly dirtier interior. We make both the Square Bear applicator and Plush Daddy with light coloured microfibre, to make it easy to see any dirt and grime in the cloth and visually alert you to the possibility of dirt transfer. 

With the Square Bear and the next application, use its other clean/fresh side and continue the method as per above. Once you've used both sides, wash it out well by hand in a half filled bucket of water, wiping the dirtier areas with your hand to release it. Then wring it out well, apply the Fabra Cadabra back into it and continue your cleaning. 

Once you're all done cleaning, give the cleaned areas one last vaccum and leave the windows down and doors open to allow it to totally dry.  

Doing this regularly will ensure the trim stays looking like new and you don't get a build up of any sweat and grime.