2. Fresh stain removal and spot cleaning

Biggest rule with any stain removal: Get the stain out of the fabric ASAP after it's happened. The longer you wait, the more it will set in and become harder to remove.

Closely inspect the area and marks to be cleaned, to determine what they are and remove any heavier substances, (like our stain image here we acquired in our work van from a meat pie) with a damp cloth, or a plastic knife/spatula. 

As always, the first thing to do is vacuum the area well. 

Mist about 5 to 6 sprays of the Fabra Cadabra into the Square Bear applicator pad, Then apply on top of the stain in a blotting motion, with your fingers going from the outside of the mark and pulling to the centre and off the stain. This is so you're not pushing the stain deeper or further across into the fabric trim. Don't scrub it either, just use the same blotting motion so you don't push the stain even deeper into the fabric (this is especially the case for something like tomato sauce and grease).

Keep a close eye on your Square Bear for any build up of grime or dirt. Turn it over to the clean side if it looks excessive as you don't want to be rubbing this back into the fabric. 

Let it sit for about 1 minute, then apply the same blotting method again. The ingredients in the Fabra Cadabra are working at releasing the stain from the fabric threads, so with the second application you will notice it has begun to leave the trim. You may with some stains, need 3 to 4 applications like this. 

After you're happy that you've removed the stain, wipe it down with the low pile side of the Plush Daddy cloth to help it dry.

As you have just done a "spot clean", the fabric area you've just cleaned could seem lighter than the areas around it once dry, which is mainly from the fabric still being dirty. So it can be a good idea to use the "Quick Wipe Over" steps above on these other areas and get a full and uniform clean. 

Open all your car doors and windows to let it totally dry. Once dry, give it one last vacuum to pull out and remove any other materials the Fabra Cadabra has removed from the fabric threads.

Note that items like glue, wax and chewing gum cannot be removed with Fabra Cadabra (to remove those ones, put a plastic bag with ice on the area and then after 10 minutes when it has hardened, work at chipping it away as delicately as you can).