Why it works so well


Fabra Cadabra uses a deep cleaning, non aggressive formula, which works by safely removing the stains and other foreign items from the individual threads of the fabric, whilst not being damaging to them or most importantly, the stitching. We've found it cleans up sweat marks, food oil & grease, meat pies, soft drinks, hair gel (don't ask), cattle dog muddy feet marks, kids marker pens (treat them ASAP before they dry), ladies foundation and mascara, chocolate, ice cream, coffee, blood, yellowing (usually from sweat or red bull drink) and a variety of other unidentifiable stains. The most important thing to remember is that you need to clean any stains off ASAP - the longer you leave them, the harder they can become to remove.


Fabra Cadabra has no solvents in it, so it's safe for ALL colour-safe fabrics and stitching, new and old. Always test a small, inconspicious area first if you have any concerns.


We added in a pretty cool ingredient that helps to rejuvenate the colour back to your trim whilst you're cleaning - something needed with a lot of older cars that have not been cared for that well.


Our chemist sourced a nice, fresh fragrance that helps minimise odours in the car while you're cleaning; something we greatly appreciate, especially when used in conjunction with our Pong-Go, as together they help totally remove many of the more offensive smells for good.