Don't neglect it!

When getting into cleaning the interior of your car, some seem to neglect one of the bigger areas, that of course being right above; the hoodlining. This area is usually made from either fabric or vinyl, sometimes even a combination of both, and needs special techniques and products to clean it effectively. 

Sitting in the car, have a look up and around you. If it's like most cars we see, it will most probably have some hand and finger marks, and then different combinations of yellowing from embedded dust or smoke, (from window down cruising) water stains, red dust, mould, food, soft drink & coffee explosions, make-up, sunscreen, car sickness, rub marks, even feet marks or other stains that you might not wish to know where they came from! 

We have a couple of products that are essential to safely clean and help freshen up your hoodlining. Our steps below will help you remove many types of unwanted stains, to bring your hoodlining back to looking like new.