Fabric Hoodliners

There are two different types of fabric hoodliners; the suspended version with the cloth draped over a series of bars, and an air gap between it and the roof. With this type you have to be very gentle, so you don't stretch the material so it sags later. And then there's the moulded type, that has the fabric glued into a moulded foam surface in the roof. With this type, the biggest concern is the glue losing its bond and detaching the material from the roof, so it's VERY important that you don't repeatedly over saturate the fabric which can break the glues' bond and cause this. If you have a glued on/moulded foam roof that is more than 10 years old, we do not reccomend cleaning it, as the glues' bond is potentially very weak and could fail. 

Our methods below are reasonably similar to cleaning the vinyl hoodliner roof except you don't apply as much of the Fabra Cadabra or saturate the material as much as you can with the vinyl roofs. You will also need to wait for it to totally dry if you wish to give it a second clean. Use a gentle side to side motion when cleaning, to make sure the fabric doesn't stretch and sag. Likewise using the side to side action will prevent the fabric bundling up into balls and creating “piling”. 

Sitting inside the car, spray enough Fabra Cadabra into the dry and clean Square Bear applicator pad so it's slightly damp, which should be about 4 to 5 sprays. Gently wipe the hoodliner with the pad in a side-to-side motion, trying to flip to a clean section of the applicator pad with each pass - this is so you're not pushing any obvious stains across into new sections of fabric.

Inspect the Square Bear often to see if it's excessively dirty. If you find it is, just wash it clean with water and wring it damp/dry, or change to a new, clean pad.

After letting the area you have cleaned sit for a minute, (but making sure it hasn't dried), wipe it clean with the same side to side motion using a Plush Daddy cloth. Do all this nice and gently as you don't wish to stretch or damage the fabric in any way. If you wish to give it a second clean, wait for the fabric to totally dry before attempting this, as it might affect the hoodlining glues adhesiveness.