Fabric marks and stains

For more prominent stains in the hoodlining that the normal cleaning doesn't totally remove, you will need to do "spot cleaning". Spray Fabra Cadabra again into the applicator, then apply to the stain, but use a dabbing or blotting motion, working from the outside, pulling the applicator to the middle and then off the stain. Check the applicator to see if there is any of the stain on it, if there is, use a new, clean section of cloth, so you don't rub it back into the material you're trying to clean. The way the Fabra Cadabra is designed to work, is to release the stain from the fibres of the material, so during this process you have to be careful not to push the stain deeper into the fabric, making it even harder to remove. You just have to be patient with this method and slowly you will be able to remove most stains. After you're happy, wipe it with a clean and dry microfibre buffing cloth. 

Grease marks on the side pillars were an easy clean. 

You may notice if you have a darker fabric hoodlining, the bits of lint and fabric that get intertwined in the material. We find the best way to quickly clean this is to use a fabric lint remover, we like to use the roller ones, that you can get from any department stores.